Lo and behold, I start lurking on GT and the question I was born to answer is put out there! Laura Calder is my guide in many things (fashion, food, and that's all you need), so it's no surprise that French Food at Home is my jam. I wish I had The Cooking Channel again so that I could get the inspiration to cook… » 7/26/14 6:07pm 7/26/14 6:07pm

Wacky Late-60's Transcontinental Hijinks

I just watched the film If It's Tuesday, This Must Be Belgium. It was a very charming film that, while not entirely devoid of cliches and eye-rolling moments, captured my heart like a movie stumbled on while watching TV should. I have only seen Suzanne Pleshette in one thing before, but I never knew how dynamic an… » 6/29/14 6:37pm 6/29/14 6:37pm

I Have A Bikini Body!

My matching briefs to my swim bra came in, and I love them! They fit like your average high-waisted bikini bottoms, but that only makes them more comfortable and gives a retro flair to my swimming outfit. The look combined gives a no-fuss, sporty look that while not the fanciest, will do just fine for any beach or… » 6/24/14 11:16am 6/24/14 11:16am

I'm about to age myself, but whatever: My brother rented the VHS of the first two episodes or Ranma 1/2 at our local video store and we watched that video multiple times before we returned it.I loved everything from the art style to the music to the story, and I consider that series one of my favorites.From there, I… » 6/23/14 1:53pm 6/23/14 1:53pm

I'm getting a vibe from this meme that it's supposed to be directed at women with it's "honey" and "babe" used in a condescending way. The first one is judging women for liking guys with snapbacks and tattoos, and the second one is judging women for wearing piercings and leggings. That is to say, this meme was created… » 6/23/14 8:56am 6/23/14 8:56am

The Latest XKCD Comic

Raise your hand if you've read comments on an article and regret it five comments in.I do this a lot with mainpage articles because I'm under the naive assumption that there won't be any rage-inducing comments, but I'm often surprised .What was the most regrettable time you've read comments to an article? » 6/23/14 8:48am 6/23/14 8:48am

I Successfully Arted!

Today concluded Art All Night, an annual 24 hour event where artists from novices to professionals can submit their art for free and have people from all walks of life view their labors of artistic expression. In a way, it's like Deviantart come to life, but there is a lot more going on than the art. There are concert… » 6/22/14 8:07pm 6/22/14 8:07pm

Very interesting theory! I have not been diagnosed with an official phobia, but sudden loud noises scare me and have always scared me since I was little. When I was young, I hated it when places were filled with balloons because I would always get scared and then embarrassed when one popped and I'd scream. I'd say it… » 6/17/14 1:26pm 6/17/14 1:26pm

Bikini Woes And Accomplishments

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, I ordered the Elomi Isis Swim Bra in Navy. I was determined, that summer, to wear a bikini in public. Problem was, I never quite got the right bottom for my top, so all of my swimming events were done in the same swimsuit I wore for water aerobics that winter. It was a moment… » 6/17/14 10:17am 6/17/14 10:17am

Elomi has a good underwire swim bra, and they sell them at Bare Necessities, but you can probably get a better deal at whatever local online bra retailers you can find and search for "swimwear". They only come in black, navy, and purple, but they sell them every year. I have the 42 E, and while I've gained some… » 6/15/14 12:22pm 6/15/14 12:22pm

Tea-Time Review: Twinings Loose-Leaf Earl-Grey

As a child, my mother and I would have tea parties and I would be called Miss Irissilla and we'd talk about Mister Bigglesworth coming to our house (This was around the time that I've both watched Pride and Prejudice and Austen Powers). I loved everything about those moments from watching the milk diffuse in the tea… » 6/15/14 10:56am 6/15/14 10:56am

Tonight I had pasta with some olive oil and shredded Parmesan cheese.I've gotten a bit hungry a few hours later, so I've nipped some of my mom's macadamia and pistachio nuts. » 6/13/14 9:15pm 6/13/14 9:15pm